Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service



If you have an important issue that is absolutely troubling you or has been for a very long time and you truly need closure for and you do not see it below. Do not be troubled. We can still test for it.  There is absolutely no issue in this world that cannot be tested.  Guaranteed!!! The list is endless for what troubles people. At Executive Protection Group we give that needed closure for your issues because we know how important it is to move forward with your life...…..

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 Relationship/Marital Infidelity Testing
Child Custody Allegations and Disputes  
Child Protective Service Investigation Complaints (Also Knowns as CPS investigations)
Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing
Residential Treatment for Full Sexual History Disclosure/Maintenance/Specific Issues 
All Criminal Matters (Misdemeanors and Felonies) City, State, or Federal  
Court Ordered polygraph examinations  (YES) these are

(ordered by Judge's and Attorney's Request) So they are used in Court Proceedings.  
Pre-Employment Testing (Government , Fire, EMT, Police Departments, Corrections, Sheriff's Office, Armored Car) 

Sexual Addiction Issues (Executive Protection Group preferred and recommended by more therapists)   
Civil Matters of all kinds 

Roommate Disputes/ Tenant/Landlords Disputes 
Employee Polygraph Specific Business Loss Testing (Known as EPPA) (This Test is a Federal Law -Trust only Executive Protection Group to protect your business and employees)
Disputed Family Issues (Family Personal Issues, Property-Theft, Past childhood issues of all kinds, which have resurfaced)
Family Teen Issues (Drugs, Relationships, Theft, School Issues) 
Disputed School Behavior Issues Public and Private school (All Grades)
United States Military Issues (UCMJ) and Non-Judicial Punishment Cases (Failed Drug Testing, Discipline Issues, Criminal Matters and all Administrative Hearings)  
Drug Treatment and Drug Addiction Issues 
Professional Sporting Events/Bodybuilding/Fitness Integrity Testing, Fishing Tournaments
Wrongful Terminations or Wrongful Disciplinary Actions/Punishments at Employments (Private and Government)
Sexual Abuse Issues Past and Present for Adults/ Children/Juveniles
Hostile Work Environments/Sexual Harassment on the Job past and present

Government Agencies Worldwide (Corruption, Drugs, Theft, Internal Issues, Pre-Employment)

Investigations all matters

Executive Protection

Hidden Surveillance Systems Sweeping (Businesses, Residential and Vehicles) 

Polygraph Testing and Investigations for Private Businesses Overseas and Govt Agencies 

(all matters of Importance)

              Trust only your life, reputation, dignity and personal matters with 

                                              Executive Protection Group