Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service

"I have been in the US Navy for 18 years with an impeccable service record. One day I was administered a routine urinalysis testing by the United States Navy. The results came back that I had failed the test and showed positive for an illegal narcotic that I have never ever used in my life. The US Navy immediately took me off my regular assignment and began the process of kicking me out. I had a very difficult time finding someone that would believe me when I say I never used any illegal drugs, especially with me being in the United States Service. I immediately hired an attorney who advised me to get a polygraph examination.  I found Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service and spoke to Mr. David Goldberg. From the very first phone call I knew that Mr. Goldberg was honest, very professional and knows what he is doing. Mr. Goldberg gave the most in depth polygraph examination I have ever heard about before. After the polygraph, the results were rendered that I was telling the truth all along. I will be honest and tell you I broke down, as finally, someone who never met me before believed in me and proved I was telling the truth. The long road to vindication had begun. After several months, my United States Court Marshal would begin. Mr. Goldberg would testify and his rendered results revealed in front of Judges and Jury. My very competent attorney along with Mr. Goldberg's polygraph results assisted me in wining my case and being vindicated with honors.  If I say anything to anyone in the United States Military. If you are falsely accused of any type of criminal or military Code of Conduct violations, I would seek Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service especially Mr. Goldberg and get the justice you so deserve. I cant thank Mr. Goldberg and my attorney for all they did to save my military career and my reputation for years to come".   J.H. US Navy  Active Duty         

 I am a successful business owner and as most business owners know there are situations at times that occur within the company that cost money due to theft, embezzlement and fraud. When you can't find the truth from the start you must look to someone who can find the truth. That person for me was Mr. David Goldberg of Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. I had a loss of United States currency that was costly to the business. I needed to find the truth now to protect the company and my employees. The local police department did not do anything for me or the situation. I contacted Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service from the yellow pages and spoke to Mr. Goldberg. He immediately gave me solid advice to follow and showed me the legal procedures that must be adhered to in order to have employees volunteer to take the polygraph testing. The results were immediate and extremely accurate. Mr. Goldberg takes time to find the truth and makes time to come to your business to explain everything from the very start all the way to the completion.  I could not have gotten the truth as fast and accurate without the help of Mr. Goldberg. My business was able to recover and move on and my employees were all protected. Thank you for your dedicated efforts and excellent results Mr. Goldberg".   Mr. Walker ; Movie Chain Owner   

"I am a professional attorney who represents clients in all aspects of criminal and civil matters. I have over 20 years of service as an attorney. Sometimes I have a difficult time getting to the truth of certain cases in order to better represent clients. I found Mr. Goldberg from Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. I had him polygraph a client in reference to a very serious criminal matter that could have put my client away to prison for many years. I had Mr. Goldberg conduct a polygraph on my client. He gave the most in-depth polygraph examination to my client and resolved the issue of the truth. Because of Mr. Goldberg's professionalism and in-depth polygraph I was able to get my client free from charges that he never did and should have never been arrested for. I use Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service a lot and I strongly recommend other attorneys and individuals to hire them to protect your rights".  LB, Attorney At Law   

My situation was in regards to a woman who I was dating and she turned on me and accused me of a crime of sexual assault and battery in which I did not do. I found Executive Protection Group and Mr. Goldberg. I had lost my job because of this woman's accusation and I had to prove myself. I took the polygraph and passed it and I was vindicated not only in court, but on my job. It felt good to hear from Mr. Goldberg the very first person to believe in me that I was telling the truth. I knew I was being truthful, but no one else would believe me until I met Mr. Goldberg. If it was not for Executive Protection Group and Mr. Goldberg I probably would have been found guilty, lost my job and my credibility. Thank you Mr. Goldberg. Everyone who is accused falsely should see Mr. Goldberg immediately. I cant thank you enough.   Josh.     

In December 2010 I was accused of one the most detrimental crimes any man could ever be accused of. Rape of a woman. I am in the US Navy Active Duty. I knew I had not raped any woman and was going to fight this to the very end of my life. I had taken a polygraph with the Govt. My Naval JAG Attorney's felt that I was telling the truth, but they also saw something wrong with the Govt's polygraph and it was not looking good for me. My Attorney's hired Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service and Mr. Goldberg. Mr. Goldberg reviewed the documents and the polygraph that I took with the Govt. Based on what Mr. Goldberg found in the polygraphs and the agents investigating the case. My attorney's was able to present this in my trial and I was found not guilty on all charges. If it was not for my Attorney's fighting for me and for Mr. Goldberg's help and his expertise I would not be a free man today and have my reputation, my life and career. Thank you Mr. Goldberg your report was the main evidence that set me free. Please I urge everyone who is falsely accused of anything to see Mr. Goldberg and get a polygraph with Executive Protection Group.  

Petty Officer 2nd Class J.G. very grateful.