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 Jenna said she knew what the results would turn out to be prior to the polygraph test ,which Chuck was given by Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. Jenna stated the tests results were exactly what she knew and felt all along and David Goldberg was exactly right with his polygraph results. Chuck says David Goldberg is extremely knowledgeable and is professional all the way. Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service is the official polygraph service for the Point Radio Station.

Thanks for everything,
Chuck, Jenna and Woo Woo Radio Personalities    

 Liars always get theirs in the end!

 Allow me to tell you my story briefly. I am a federal worker who works in a federal building. I had an affair with a married man that was a co-worker. I knew this from the start. This affair lasted for a long time and got very serious. The affair turned for the worse. I found that the individual I was in a relationship with had cheated on me with another co-worker. I had put a lot into this relationship and wanted to end it. I ended it and called the individual's wife and told her of the affair. The individual I had an affair with had threatened me and had his wife place criminal charges on me for Stalking and Threatening his wife. I knew that this individual had gotten his wife to lie on me in order to protect his job and his reputation. I found Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service and spoke to Mr. Goldberg. After speaking to several other polygraph businesses, I knew that Mr. Goldberg was the polygraph business I was going to travel to. I traveled from several states to get to Executive Protection Group. Mr. Goldberg gave me the most thorough polygraph exam and asked all the questions to cover all the issues needed.  My attorney presented the very detailed polygraph report in court and all the criminal charges were dismissed. The criminal charges were now turned on the individual and his wife for lying on me and in court. I want to thank you so much for your help Mr. Goldberg, without your help I felt lost!    Milly
A Saved Heart and Soul

You know David, I came to think of something the other day after receiving your detailed report. I am truly lucky and blessed to have found you and your company. My friends and family over here have been very supportive through all this too, but to actually get support from the man who administered the polygraph on my ex, and might I add a person I don't even know is what truly makes me believe I'm blessed. Your name was the first one that popped up when I started researching on the internet for polygraph examiners and I just got a good feeling inside. Something told me I didn't need to look any further and when I got to read about you more online and it sealed the deal. Call it instinct or divine intervention or plain coincidence, but even before my first email to you I felt I would get all my answers. I guess I'm just trying to say thank you. Thank you for being you and thank you for caring. I can't even express how much it means to me. You saved a life. You saved it as much as the heart surgeon making the crucial incision would have done. Thank you! I thought I knew this man I was with for 2 years. I thought I was truly in love with this so called prince charming and he loved me. He said all the right words, bought all the right flowers and cards and did everything any woman would think a man should do for their woman. I just had a weird feeling and knew that in order for us to be a true couple and for him to move with me in the UK. He had to take a polygraph. I was blown away with what you were able to find out. Not one, not two, but 7 women he cheated on me with and video taping women without their knowledge while he had sex with them. What a sick individual. I could have used more explicit words, but I don't know who reads your site. If people reading your site have any doubts who they should turn to do not have any doubts use David Goldberg and don't hesitate to get your answers. You will be glad you did and get your closure to move on with your life. You saved my life and know you will be blessed some day for all you do for people.   Evelina 

"I worked for a Fortune 500 company, which operates world wide. I was pulled over by a local police department and falsely accused of something I did not commit. I hired Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service to conduct a polygraph examination on me. I took the lengthy examination and the final results came back that I was telling the truth and the Police Officer had lied. My charges were immediately dropped and I was able to continue with my sales for the Fortune 500 company.  The accusations caused me a great deal of stress and financial strain and my integrity. The professionalism of Mr. David Goldberg the polygraph examiner who conducted the examination was something that changed my life and  gave me my integrity and dignity back. I knew I had not lied, but proving yourself is always difficult.  I hope I am never accused falsely again, but I will always recommend that you hire Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service".
Much Gratitude,
C. Sanchez

 "If anyone thinks in these times of terrorism that you cannot be threatened in your daily life, because you are not in the military or associated with the Govt. you are absolutely incorrect.  I worked as a financial advisor for a Fortune 500 company on the New York Stock Exchange. One day I came to work to find that my life was actually threatened. I found a company that knew exactly what I would be needing along with my company in reference to personal protection. I never felt more protected and more safe in my entire life until Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service became involved. They are professional and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of  Personal Protection. I am very thankful that the actual threat on my life was never carried out.  I credit this due to the excellent, professional protection I received from the entire staff at Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. I recommend them to everyone".

  Very Grateful,
  Adam, (Ret. Investment Broker)

"I am a mother of a son who was falsely accused and charged with a crime he stated he did not commit. My family hired Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. Mr. David Goldberg the examiner gave our son a very detailed polygraph examination and the results came back that our son was telling the truth all along. We had the results sent to our attorney and because of the professionalism and true final results from Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service, our son's charges were dismissed.  If it was not for the detailed time that Executive Protection Group took to resolve this important matter, our son could have been wrongly convicted and serving time in jail. We are forever in debt to Mr. Goldberg and the entire Executive Protection Group staff".      Mrs. Meeks

"Please allow me to tell you my story for I know there are many women and possibly men out there that are in the same type of situation I was in.  I am married and have a beautiful daughter. As years go on in a marriage, so do many changes. My husband and I had your typical arguments, but things changed in ways my husband was acting. Something was telling me that things were not right in our marriage.  There were excuses for being late and excuses for not wanting to be close as a couple. I decided to ask my husband if he was cheating on me based on my findings. I asked if my husband would take a polygraph test. He agreed. He tried to convince me that I was crazy or making things up.  I had called a lot of polygraph examiners in town and found Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service and spoke to Mr. Goldberg. The information given was 10 times better than the others that I had called and spoken too. Mr. Goldberg explained things so thoroughly that I knew I had found the right examiner. The way I had been feeling in this relationship was going on for some time now and I needed to know the truth and resolve this once and for all.  Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service gave the most thorough examination around and the final results came back that (1) I was not crazy and (2) my feelings were accurate. My husband did in fact cheat on me and I moved on with my life along with my daughter.  Mr. Goldberg you are truly a person who has changed my life by proving the truth.  I recommend anyone who is having relationship issues to call Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service immediately".
Thank you so much, Ms. Ross    

 "I would like everyone to know that I was married and for 10 years I felt very strongly that I was being cheated on. I could not prove it. I came upon an email and my suspicions were becoming more clear. I questioned my husband until I was exhausted. I was only getting denial and statements like "You are crazy, you know I love you and I would never cheat on you". I contacted Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service after seeing a TV program about polygraph testing. After speaking to Mr. Goldberg I knew right then and there I was going to hire him. My husband was reluctant, but was spoken too by Mr. Goldberg and he agreed to take the polygraph test. Mr. Goldberg was able to get all the answers I wanted for so long. The truth came out, I was not crazy and my husband cheated on numerous occasions. I got my life back because of Mr. Goldberg's expertise in polygraph testing. I can not tell you ladies and men out there, that if you believe your spouse is cheating to call Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service. It is confidential and so very professional. Thank you so much Mr. Goldberg and I will recommend you forever".

                                                Ms. M. Regrick