Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service

                                         PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY AND DIGNITY 

Have you ever had a feeling that someone is watching you. Or maybe someone is listening to your private conversations. Have you ever had that GUT feeling that there is just something not right in what is going on around you, but just cannot pinpoint what it is.  Are you finding it difficult when you are dropping your children off with your ex and he or she knows a little too much about your new relationship or your friends you are with. Or about your current job issues and you know you have not told him or her anything. Are you a tad freaked out. Yet people around you are telling you its all in your MIND or you are CRAZY. Well let me tell you. Those GUT feelings and those sense of being listened on or watched. May not be just a simple thought in your mind. These may be true.  People in relationships and in ex-relationships or individuals going through custody or divorce issues will go the extra distance to gain information on someone to harm them or gain control.  

If you truly feel this way. DO NOT JUST SIT THERE AND PONDER AWAY CAUSING MORE ANXIETY.  Call Executive Protection Group. We have extensive experience and professional equipment to test and locate hidden cameras, recording devices and GPS devices.  Let us put your mind at ease and let us recover any secret devices that should not be observing your every move. Let us protect your dignity, life and privacy.