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A polygraph examiner with less experience and someone who offers you a cheaper exam just to get you in his or her door will not mean you get all your answers better or more accurate results.  It only means you may have gotten a quicker, less attention to detail exam and far less accurate results with no closure. A possible less experience examiner or intern with you leaving with more questions than when you first arrived for your appointment.  If your integrity, life, issue to be resolved or relationship at hand is truly important and is worth way more than saving money. Then don't consider going anywhere else. Only come to Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service.  Here you get closure, your life back and it is way worth knowing you wished you would not had wasted your money somewhere else.



Ask yourself questions before choosing a polygraph business for your important issues to be fully resolved. Has the examiner administered thousands of exams. Will I get all my questions answered. Will I get full satisfaction and does the examiner have years of experience (Minimum 10 plus) and is the examiner Court Certified and Certified as an expert.  At Executive Protection Group the answers are all yes.  All other local examiners THE ANSWER IS NO.

Some examiners will tell you on their websites or when you call them they have administered many polygraph examinations for agencies for pre-employment. One examiner has even gone as  far as copied Mr. Goldberg's and Executive Protection Groups wording and credentials to make him look as good located in Northern VA and his associated examiner is located in Norfolk, VA. Some examiners claim to have other examiners working with them. Be cautious and be smart and ask questions to verify.  Some of these companies truly do not have other examiners working for them full time or for them at all.  Some have interns and are not even licensed examiners doing your very important testing. Other examiners are either working part-time for these businesses or are just associated with them and some fabricate to get you to hire them.   Executive Protection Group can prove all of their credentials and back them up.  One experienced licensed examiner only doing your test properly. 

The following information may assist you in determining if your significant other is having an affair or is engaging in any sexual activity with someone other than you. These have been collected from years of experience and thousands of exams administered administering relationship polygraph examinations where others examiners have not and cannot say this without lying to you.........

Most individuals who cheat fall into two categories. One involves an individual who is married and is seeing someone behind their spouses back. It can be another married or attached individual.  The second involves two separate married individuals or two individuals in a long term relationship who are both having affairs with one another. Both couples/ partners are usually unaware of this deception.

Cheaters generally rendezvous with their lover's sometime during their work day. In most cases, the individual who is cheating and their new partner live or work in the same general area. This gives them time and opportunity to carry on their secretive behavior without threat of being discovered by their spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, Fiancee' or Fiance' or co-workers. You will also find when you pay attention that your significant other they will try and control all information that you receive. Concerning their daily whereabouts. They will deny everything at all times, unless confronted with true evidence proof about their indiscretions.  Travel may take place if your significant other has to travel for work.  Cheaters will get their friends to cover for them in most cases. So don't trust what their friends tell you in cases when your significant other says asked my bestfriend. In most cases their friends are fully aware of what is going on and have assisted in some form. 

Basically, cheating involves many lies. This is why Polygraph Testing is the most solid way to find out, unless you catch your partner in the actual act with solid factual evidence.  Cheaters are always lying about where they are, where they have been, what they do, and how they really feel. These lies are often mixed with some truth and are incorporated into every aspect of their life that they share with you. Lies and deceptions can only go on for so long before noticeable clues start to poke holes in what the cheaters have created. Cheaters will only tell you what they feel you want to hear and or need to hear and will only tell you enough information that will get you off their backs. Cheaters will normally deny things till the very end to protect their reputation, their family and everything they feel they will or could lose.  They will call you crazy, or you must be making this up in your head. This should be a number #1 clue you are not crazy and it is a deflection to get you to think you are crazy or making this up to leave your significant other alone.   Remember this Executive Protection Group has done more research, more polygraph examinations of Cheaters than any other examiner in this area and knows the cues, the words used and can tell what is actually going on.  DO NOT BE FOOLED BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT AND DO NOT BE FOOLED BY OTHER EXAMINERS. 

Here are some tried and tested clues and or "signs" that cheaters most often exhibit

Your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance/fiancee, or significant other:

Has a history or prior instance of infidelity. Cheating on past spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends. This falls under the "if it has happened before it is likely to happen again" rule. Those men and women who have cheated once will generally relapse. Very rarely does a relationship last that began in infidelity. Meaning if a significant other cheated when they met you. Most likely your significant other has cheated before you and may be doing it now on you and you did not know about prior cheating issues.    

Has been spending a lot of time lately working out, in the tanning salon, or beauty salon cultivating their appearance. Nails, hair style, makeup, clothing, Botox or Small Cosmetic procedures or men may trim their facial hair, chest hair, genital area or grow some facial hair.  Only if they normally did not do this on a regular consistent basis. 

Seems to act more cold and/or distant and is inconsiderate of your feelings. Does not appear to be interested in your conversations or changes the subject.

Is spending a lot of time on the cell phone away from you out of ear-shot. They also may leave the house or room immediately to talk on their cell phone in a sudden manner when the phone rings. They tell the person on the phone they cant talk now, but will call later. Or they say hi Im here with my husband, wife, girlfriend. This is so the other person on the phone wont say anything. They may wait till you leave the room before they actually talk on their cell phone or on the house phone. They may lower the sound on the phone so you cant hear the conversation or place it on mute so when they text you cant hear an incoming text.  

 Your significant other suddenly hangs up the phone or acts really odd when you walk in the room while they are on the phone. They tell you they were on the phone with someone at work or they tell you the person on the phone was a wrong number, etc.  They make excuses for who they were on the phone with, but wont show you their phone when you ask them to see their phone. Your significant other, disregards the call in front of you and says it is a friend, co-worker or Spam caller and they will call them later, but tends to do this all the time when they are around you. 

They hide their cell phone bills from you or is very protective of the bill when it arrives in the mail so you cannot check the numbers called. 

They Secretly purchased a new cell phone without your knowledge until you find out and question them.

 Receives suspicious voicemail messages.

Has recently started using phone cards.

Seems to never answer their cell or home phone in a timely manner when you try to reach them by phone during the day. If they do answer, they seem to be very evasive with you and not be truthful about their current whereabouts or what they are doing at the time. They may tell you that they have been having cell phone problems or their cell phone was on vibrate and they did not hear it or they have been in meetings all day and had to turn the phone off. The phone was left on their desk and they forgot to grab it. Or they left it on the desk to use the rest room and just got back. They make excuses regularly just to avoid talking to you, but talk to everyone else.  

The phone and IPAD has a code, but they refuse to share it with you and tell you its for safety reasons at work.  

They lie to you about insignificant things they normally would not lie about.

Has suddenly stopped complaining about things in their relationship with you that have bothered them in the past.  This is so that attention wont be brought to them by you. 

Has a secret P. O. Box that they are hiding from you.

Has found reasons not to attend family or holiday gatherings, so they can stay home away from you. 

Started having their laundry handled independently or when they arrive home they hurry to wash their clothes immediately when they enter the home. This is to prevent you from seeing what they have worn with the person they are cheating  with or they may have evidence they need to clean or a smell they do not want you to detect.

Seems to have started acting in a paranoid manner. This may include such behavior as your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance or fiancee inquiring if you have been "snooping" on them. This is what is called turning things on you to avoid being questioned about their behavior. They make you feel bad for questioning them and make you apologize to them so that you take the questioning away from them.  They make you feel like you are making these things up in your head.  CALL YOU CRAZY ALL THE TIME 

Is constantly washing their vehicle and keeping it meticulously cleaned inside and out.  This can be for impressing reasons and to hide odors or evidence. This is done only if they normally do not clean their vehicle regularly.

Has a secret bank account that they are keeping you unaware of.

Exhibits defensive behavior in normal conversations with you.  They may start an argument with you so they can leave the house or so you will leave them alone. This is so they can justify their actions with you by telling their lover it was your fault they left. Or they can return home later after being with their lover and tell you they left because you to had a fight with them.   

Inquires about your daily/weekly schedule more often than usual, so they can plan their secret rendezvous with their lover. Always asked "what are you doing today", "Are you in the office all day".  Or they may tell you, you may have a hard time reaching them today as they will be in meetings all day long, but you could text them only, but they will contact you when they get a chance. This is so they can be with the one they are cheating with and not be disturbed.   

 Has developed a sudden interest in a new hobby, sport or sexual position with you or without you.

Spends a lot of time on the computer e-mailing or instant messaging, on their IPAD at odd times of the night. Statistics indicate that 31% of people have had an online conversation that has led to real-time sex. Approximately 70% of time on-line is spent in chat rooms or sending e-mails; of these interactions, the vast majority are romantic in nature. 38% of people have engaged in explicit online sexual conversation and 50% of people have made phone contact with someone they chatted with online that was not their true significant one. They maybe on Craigslist, Other Dating sites, checking Facebook or other social media apps or even emails accounts you are unaware of. 

Is frequently deleting e-mail messages, or has changed their password or will not give you their passwords. States they do not need to give you their passwords because they are not doing anything wrong. This should be a RED FLAG. They make excuses and tell you they have passwords to protect their stuff from work employees, but still wont give you their passwords.     

Being very secretive and protective of the activity on their home computer. This may be while they are in chat rooms or on the internet emailing.

Tells you "I just need my space" when confronted regarding their suspicious behavior.

Ignores or deflects your romantic/sexual advances, refuses to engage in any intimacy with you. Or when you do engage in sexual activity it is like a chore to  them and they act like they just want to get it over with you. Makes excuses as to why they do not want to engage in sex with you.    You have not received any sexual activity in a very long time and when you approach your significant other and try to be romantic, you are given an excuse that they are not in the mood or they have gained weight or they do not like how they feel. Although this is an excuse that has been going on and on for sometime. Your significant other refuses to allow you to see their body.  But you know something is wrong.  

Begins losing interest in romantic gestures like giving you gift cards, or flowers. This may also work in reverse due to their guilt over their indiscretions so you begin to receive gifts, flowers or more attention than you have been in the past.

Speaks to you often regarding a new co-worker(s). This may be a new secretary, manager, or intern that your partner spends a lot of time alone at work with or on the road with.

Has received a new promotion and is spending more time out of town than usual. 

Lies about going to spend time with a best friend or be at a friend's Christmas party, birthday party or girls or boy's night out. Or  your significant other is being asked  to help move a friend or be with a friend out of town for a little while. In fact the friend is not  moving at all.  You are never invited as a couple to any of these parties or events only your significant other. The reason is there are no parties. Turns out the friend is only covering up for your significant other so they can cheat on you. Always Check. Friends tend to lie for their significant other.   

Tells you they are not feeling well and they are going to stay home from work and will be turning off their cell phone so they can get some needed rest. In fact when you leave for work and they leave for a secret meeting.
Your significant other makes plans to be with a best friend or a friend out of town in stead of spending time with you or your family.   This occurs more than normal and is spending a lot of time with this friend instead of you, but the friend is an excuse to meet up with their lover. 

Additional Signs or Red Flags that you may have discovered:

 You receive hang up calls at home in the middle of the night or at odd times of the day.

You start receiving a lot of wrong number calls at home.
You discover unfamiliar numbers stored or dialed on their cell phone or cell phone bill and your significant other says they don't know who the numbers are from.
You notice a new cologne/ perfume or sexy clothing in their dresser, closet or  vehicle that you never bought or you never saw your significant other wear before. 
You discover unfamiliar earrings or jewelry show up in their vehicle or somewhere in your home that you know you did not purchase.
You notice unfamiliar hairs (a different color or length than yours or theirs) in their vehicle, or on their clothing, or in your home.
You notice the odor of cigarette smoke on your non-smoking partners clothing or in their vehicle. This is usually from the lover they meet in bars or being around that new lover who may smoke.
Your children start mentioning names of men or women that have come around the house and you have never heard these names before from your significant other. 
Your significant other tends to isolate him or herself in a different room from you and make the excuse that you don't like the same TV shows or wants their own space. 
Locks the bathroom door more and more where you had more transparency and brings the cell phone, IPAD or Laptop into the bathroom.   
You notice unexplained mileage changes on the odometer of their vehicle.
You notice credit card receipts from locations they have visited that seem questionable and you know you have not gone there.
You notice they seem distant and distracted most of the time and not very interested in you in a sexual manner or intimate way or in any conversations. 

Friends or acquaintances start informing you that they saw your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance/fiancee, or significant other out somewhere with some unfamiliar individual. Most times, friends, family, or acquaintances will find out about the cheating way before you will ever find out.

You notice changes in you and your partners sex life. This could be more activity, less activity. New or experimental sexual techniques or positions. Your Significant other wants you to experience with toys or role playing, where you never did this before all because your significant other has experienced this with their lover and they want to see if they can get the same feelings with you. 

You notice a change in contraception or pregnancy prevention methods between you and your partner. This can include the sudden introduction of condoms by your partner to prevent the possible passing of any sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy.

You notice your partner departing from home to work earlier than usual on a consistent basis. Confidence levels seem to have risen considerably for no apparent reason. They are spending less time at home and more time "at the office" or "working late". This would be unaccounted time or wanting to avoid you.

At the beginning of an affair the mate that is cheating is more attentive to his spouse. This is due to guilt that the cheater may be feeling at the time.

After the affair has been going on for a while the person cheating seems to find fault with the person he/she may be living with to try to justify the affair in their mind.

When confronted by the significant other about suspicious behavior the other party calls you crazy.

Or says who are you going to believe the neighbors, your friend or me who loves you.

Throws back questions to you "how do I know you are not cheating on me" or "How do I know what you do when I go to work all day"

These are signs of someone who is trying to make you feel bad about asking and trying to deflect the real answers and make them not answer them. The cheater is also trying to scare you by intimidating you in forgetting to ask them to take a polygraph or tell the truth. 

Did you recognize some familiar behaviors or clues from the list? Maybe its time you let Executive Protection Group polygraph Service find out what is really going on with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, fiance/fiancee, or your significant other.

90% of the time when you have a gut feeling that is telling you something is wrong, you are probably spot on and correct, but just dont know exactly what is wrong. You have been told over and over again by your significant other you are crazy or your friends are crazy or dont believe everything you hear.   DO NOT FALL FOR THAT.   
                                 You deserve to know the full truth and not half truth!
Also remember a Cheater is the one at Fault not you. They chose to so this and they are the ones that are wrong.  
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