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People tell lies and deceive others for many reasons. Most often, lying is a defense mechanism used to avoid conflict via trouble with their spouses, significant other, the law, their bosses or any authority figure they feel gets in their way. Sometimes a person can tell when someone's lying just by looking at them, but other times it may not be so easy. This is why Polygraph Testing is the perfect solution to finding all the truthful answers.  If it were not so effective, Ask yourself this very important question?  Why would every Federal, State and Local Municipal Law Enforcement Agency be utilizing Polygraph Testing each and everyday to resolve matters, solve crimes, and use it for Pre-Employment testing for hiring and get to the truth. The answer is it truly works and is accurate and has been used for decades and it is an excellent way to resolve serious issues and find the truth immediately.

                                                  Who Can Take A Polygraph Test?

Domestic Issues - Spouse's / Boyfriend's / Girlfriend's/ Fiancee's( Female), Fiance's (Male) and Significant Others. 

Other Issues of Importance/Children, Teenagers, roommates/ family members, Co-workers, or anyone needing to resolve an important issue and prove their side of any story or accusation.

Remember this. There are two sides to every story told, but one side is telling the absolute truth and other is fabricating. Those that lie only tell the bare minimum. Make your story the truth and prove your integrity. Or have the one that is lying take a take a polygraph with a true leader in polygraph testing Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service.   

Relatives/Friends accused of child neglect or abuse
Child Custody cases where one parent is accused of specific allegations against them
Individuals seeking to clear their name and reputation about a specific issue or multiple issues in the present or in the past
Business concerns (EPPA) Merchandise, Embezzlement, Theft, Employee Assaults, and Sexual Harassment Allegations, hostile work environment, wrongful terminations.
Insurance companies: Fraudulent Claims of all kinds
Attorneys for all matters to be represented in a court of Law (Criminal and Civil)
Parent's whose children have been accused of inappropriate or illegal behavior on/off school grounds or by any teacher or student
United States Military Personnel (All Branches) who have failed mandatory Urinalysis testing or any violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ)
Pre-Employment Polygraph Testing for Law Enforcement/Fire Personnel/Correction Officer Applicants
Internal Affairs Investigations
Professional Sporting Events/Natural Bodybuilding/Fishing Tournaments to ensure integrity

Why Executive Protection Group is the Best

First Mr. Goldberg is deemed an expert in relationship, couple's, infidelity testing.  Mr. Goldberg is referred by more therapist, counselors, attorneys for their clients than any other examiner or business for all issues of importance. We offer the most comprehensive and in depth polygraph examinations around.  Others try to copy/mimic and duplicate, but they don't even come close to the expertise and commitment that Executive Protection Group provides.  Our licensed examiner spends an extensive amount of time to find out what each and every client wants, needs and deserves to resolve in order to move on with their personal life or business.  We listen to your issues and we truly get to the matter and resolve it the very first time. YOU RECIEVE RESULTS IMMEDIATELY THAT SAME DAY AND YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT A DAY OR TWO LIKE AT OTHER POLYGRAPH BUSINESSES. WE ARE NOT AFRAID TO GIVE YOU YOUR NEEDED CLOSURE THAT SAME DAY.

The examiner is court certified where as other examiners have never stepped foot in a court of law to testify as a polygraph examiner.  At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service, we do not rush our clients through a test or out of our doors so that we can get to the next client or make extra money like others do. We do not cheap you out of an exam and only answer a limited number of questions like others are telling you. We answer all your questions no matter how many.  We will offer you real results.  We give you a tangible item that you can prove your integrity, your honesty and your closure.   The other examiners are only out for more money after they charge you a cheaper exam in the beginning.  They charge you for extras as they are too bothered because they don't want to be bothered for the time or energy to go into doing reports. We take great pride in knowing that our clients will leave our office completely satisfied knowing the full truth and get their desired closure. Our mission and goal of this company is and will always be dedicated to finding the truth and resolving the issues that are so important to our clients, no matter how long the process may take to find the truth. When we schedule an appointment for you. That appointment is yours and there is no rushing you through the exam. You are the only concern when it comes to scheduling.  We are dedicated and ready to serve the needs of every client that calls upon us. This is what makes us professional and sets us so far apart from all the others.

Plus Executive Protection Group is the only Polygraph Company that has multiple contracts with all state and local agencies Law Enforcement, Corrections and Fire Departments, every Hampton Roads Department of Social Services, Juvenile Court Services Units, Probation and Parole, Therapist, Psychiatrist, Residential Treatment Facilities treating sexual offenders both adults and juveniles and sexual addicted individuals. We are also the only Polygraph Examination business that the United States Naval Legal Office and United Military Branches refers and recommends military personnel too for examinations. Others may say things over the phone to entice you to them or on their websites, which  some have copied our information from, but they sure cannot prove it like Executive Protection Group can.                                         





  What We Offer Each Client


Every client is given undivided attention by our experienced licensed examiner.  From the very first phone call, or email we receive. Which is answered every time immediately.  Every question asked by our clients are answered thoroughly and given personal attention to make sure it is fully understood and answered. 

Every client is offered the recorded session after the examination, a very detailed and very accurate account of  all the facts of the entire polygraph examination and interview. Not like other examiners and other polygraph businesses. Several clients who have come to Executive Protection Group from other polygraph businesses complain about the lack of facts given to them and that they do not get full closure. Not with Executive Protection Groups our results are so detailed that this official account can and has been used for documentation purposes in legal and civil settings by clients and their attorney's successfully. 
(See Attorney Page)

Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service uses the most technologically advanced polygraph instrumentation to date in determining the truth in all polygraph examinations conducted. Our examiner is required to maintain continual education on all aspects of Polygraph examinations by the State of Virginia and by the American Polygraph Association and Virginia Polygraph Association.


Most polygraph businesses only offer their clients Monday thru Friday Service from 8:00AM to 6:00PM, if you are lucky.  Some open after 5:00PM because they do this part time. At Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service, we know that personal and business issues are not just limited to only 5 days a week, but are important 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year.  This is why at Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service, we are the only service around that offers professional polygraph services 7 days a week all Holidays and 365 days a year and we will travel to your company on a case by case basis.

We wish to truly thank you for taking the time to visit our website and hope that we may assist you with all your polygraph needs in the near future. Do not hesitate to call or email us with any questions.  We strive to answer all your questions immediately the very first time. 

757-495-1301 or email david@executiveprotectiongrp.com