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The examiner at Executive Protection Group is professionally trained by a fully accredited polygraph school, is state licensed, board certified and the examiner David Goldberg has been certified as a subject matter expert in the courts of Virginia. Being a court certified examiner presents more creditability in your polygraph examination than any other licensed Polygraph examiner who is not. 

It means that this examiner David Goldberg has testified in many courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and is certified as a subject expert in polygraph exams administered and where Attorneys both prosecution and defense and the courts recognize this and recommend Mr. Goldberg over any other examiners.  Where other examiners in the area and state are only just licensed examiners to perform testing. They have  never stepped in a court of law to testify as a polygraph examiner.  Mr. Goldberg has testified in numerous court proceedings to include Military Court hearings as a proven polygraph subject expert and assisted in the many clients cases being fully adjudicated and their life restored. 

Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service is open 7 days a week and during all holidays.  Because your issues are never on a limited timed schedule and don't stop troubling  you Monday Thru Friday only.  Executive Protection Group has an exceptional reputation, expertise, true integrity, pure honesty, Ethical values, dedication and loyalty and undivided attention to all it's clients  like no others.  Call today 757-495-1301  and don't go anywhere else or you may truly regret it.   

Overwhelmed? Stressed? being accused of something you know you did not do? or need to know the full truth? We can help you get  that truth and your closure!!

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​ ​When someone mimics or copies you, that is the best honor one can truly receive. Because that person or business knows you are the very best at what you do and they want to follow in your foot steps due to your success. But when one steals what you wrote from your website and falsifies their own experience in order to make them look like you or they are better. That is a whole different thing and is called a fraud. There is a website of another polygraph examiner in the State of Virginia who has done just this by taking the exact words and the experience of Executive Protection Group's website and that of Mr. Goldberg's experience and made them theirs. Which they do not have the years of experience. So be very cautious when you search and hire any examiner or firm especially that one. Any examiner who goes to the length to falsify their experience by taking another examiners website and use it as their own is someone who cannot and should never be trusted. The company is located in Northern Virginia (Fairfax) and they are also affiliated with a local polygraph examiner who works for them and has a polygraph business in Norfolk.  

​​​​​Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service is well organized, fully insured and has been in business and administering polygraph examinations since 2002  (15 years). 

We are extremely proud that we have more experience and have administered more polygraph examinations for private individuals, businesses, Federal Govt. Agencies, Attorneys, Law firms, city and state government agencies, Social Services, licensed sexual offending psychiatrist and therapists, Probation and Parole offices, and addiction therapists than any local polygraph business or any examiner in the Hampton Roads Tidewater Virginia area.  We offer a variety of services that will exceed all of your expectations and will exceed other polygraph businesses.

Mr. Goldberg was the only Polygraph Examiner requested from Southeastern Virginia to work for the United States Embassy in the Country of Jamaica. Mr. Goldberg Administered Polygraph Examinations for the Jamaican Constabulary Force for a Special Assignment in August 2016. Mr. Goldberg was chosen due to his expertise and experience in administering Polygraph Examinations.  

Mr. Goldberg was also the only polygraph examiner in the United States and in Virginia to be invited to Israel in January 2017 to share his polygraph experience with the Israeli Polygraph Association.  

If you are looking for a polygraph test that people refer to as cheap and quick exam.  We do not offer those. We only offer professional real exams that the courts, professional therapist, social services and attorney's and judges recommend and only accept.  You receive real answers and true real closure with our exams that very same day. Other polygraph examiners and  businesses may offer you those quick and cheap exams and wait to tell you the next day or days later your results as they are afraid to tell due to lack of experience. But Remember you always get what you pay for.  At Executive Protection Group your exam is always Professional, truly reliable, Ethical and absolutely accurate. Choosing a high qualified polygraph examiner with years of experience with proper credentials and a sold background in polygraph testing is critical to obtaining proper results and will make all the difference in your exam.  

Executive Protection Group Polygraph Service is Globally active and requested by agencies and countries to administer polygraph examinations, share expertise and training worldwide. We are available to administer polygraph examinations anywhere in the world.